World Thinking Day

If Mr. Rampage Productions can poke fun at a charity for disabled veterans (granted, that was several years ago), I feel secure in taking a stab at the below mentioned organization.

In the absence of saints’ feast days, it appears the secular world has chosen to clutter the calendar with memorials of a different sort. There is Earth Day of course, and months and days dedicated to every possible cancer, disease, and death causing agent imaginable. I once received an e-mail from one of my political representatives informing me that she was the proud co-author of a resolution recognizing the first annual World Glaucoma Day.  We have gone from daily reminding ourselves of our immortal souls to daily reminding ourselves of our very mortal bodies, it seems.

This beats all however. I received a postcard declaring February 22 World Thinking Day.

Thank you very much for reminding me and the world to think. I agree that this is a very important faculty of being human, and I deduce from your desire to designate a day to it that you either have failed to participate in said faculty or you have an even more cynical worldview than myself.

Or perhaps you are imploring us to only think one day a year – you will take care of the other 364?

Judging by the sponsoring organization, I would have to conclude that the group responsible for the brain child of World Thinking Day simply didn’t think things through. The Girl Scouts apparently have gone from teaching girls how to make campfires and selling cookies to empowering girls to think with World Thinking Day. (In the interests of full disclosure, let it be known that I was once a Girl Scout myself and that I even now eagerly await the arrival of Thin Mints each year.)

Granted, the day actually started as a day to celebrate their founders. Another source states “It is a day to think about the meaning of Guiding and Scouting and about Scouts and Guides in all the countries of the world.” However, I’m pretty sure the postcard mentioned something about Girl Scouts all over the world thinking the same thing on the same day. With their thinking ray they will change the world or something like that.

So what do they think about on World Thinking Day? To what is their thinking ray directed? World Thinking Day 2005 was all about food. The 2008 World Thinking Day focus was “Think About Water.” And the theme for 2012 was “We can save the planet.” With their thinking ray, they will SAVE the world.


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