You Know You Are A Contrary Introvert When . . .

Eggs, bacon, tea, and satire make you happy.

How do I know this?  Because my wife told me: “I was feeling grumpy, but then you fed me eggs and bacon, and I read Florence King.  I feel better now”.

Need I say more?

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About The Mad Scientist

They call me the mad scientist, and the title is mostly applicable. While most underage college students turn to fake IDs and upperclassmen to procure alcohol, I simply fermented fruit juices in the safety and comfort of my dorm room. Smoke bombs were cooked on the stove, explosives were synthesized in the 'fridge, and the nearby creek served as the proving grounds. Early on in those halcyon days, I met Aaron while taking the sole English class of my college career, and the pale nerdy geeks united. He concluded that I had a level of literacy somewhat higher than my fellow science students, and so I write for this blog. Occasionally.

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