Rampage Productions has existed, in one form or another, since sometime in 2005.  It was founded when a gaggle of English majors (plus a few rogues from other disciplines) learned their degrees mostly qualified them to write funny things and publish them on the internet.

So having set the bar fairly low, we would like to take this moment to reassure everyone we have some standards.  For example, we tend to avoid topics like:

My cat is so awesome!


Look at what I made for supper tonight!


I have this thing on my backside.  Should I go to the doctor?  (See picture below.)

Our go-to assumption regarding all of the above is, “No one cares,” or in the case of the last item, “AHHHHHH!  KILL IT!  KILL IT WITH FIRE!”

This leaves us free to concentrate on all sorts of other topics that no one cares about, but we delude ourselves otherwise.  Regardless of subject, we try to keep it humorous, and (most importantly) impeccably punctuated.

So welcome to the site.  Take a look around.  Read.  Laugh.  And remember – whenever you misuse a comma, god kills a sheep.


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